Shri Datta Sansthan

The information on this page is written in consultation with the Sansthan and though it cannot be called the official webpage of the Sansthan, the matter appearing here is as per the wish of the governing body. Sansthan has many activities, all are not mentioned here. This information will be updated as time permits.

The governing body of the math of Balekundri is "SHRI DATTA SANSTHAN". It is a non-profit, religious organisation established by the brothers of Sadguru after his death to look after the day to day running of the temple and to conduct all the ceremonies. It was registered as a trust and all the rules and acts were decided way back in 1933 under the erstwhile Sangli Sansthan. In 1952 it was registered under the 'Bombay Public Trust Act'. The two main ceremonies it conducts at Balekundri are on Shravan vadya 8 (birthday of Sadguru) and Punyatithi on Ashwin vadya 3. The sansthan is involved in a lot of social work too.

The sansthan runs a school in the math complex. There is no proper school in the surrounding villages. Sadguru Pant Maharaj himself was a teacher and what better memorial for him would be than a school. There are plans to expand the school and house it in a separate premises.

For the convinience of visitors, there are rooms available to stay. These are built by donations of the followers and are given free of charge to the visitors who wish to spend more time with the Sadguru. The rooms are simply furbished but have all the necessary fitings. Food is free from the Yamunakka's kitchen, including dinner and a breakfast with tea in the morning.

The sansthan as said above is a non-profit organisation which finances itself with the VOLUNTARY donations of the followers. Many visitors wish to make a donation to the holy cause. The address for the correspondence is :-
Shri Datta Sansthan, Pant Balekundri,
Post-Shri Kshetra Pant Balekundri,
Karnataka State,
Pin- 591 103.
Phone: (0831) 418247.

Shri Pant Vangmay Prakashan Mandal

Shri Pant Vangmay Prakashan Mandal is the body who looks after the publishing of literature about Sadguru Pant Maharaj. Pant Maharaj had composed a huge amount of verses in both Marathi and Kannada languages. He has also written many essays to guide his follwers on the path of the divine. The web page about His literature explains all these.

All His literary works can be purchased from the mandal. In addition there are books written about Him, His biographies, books explaining His teachings and a lot more in many languages including english. Also casettes and CDs of bhajans and aartis, photographs, etc are available. The holy book "Shri Pant-Guru-charitra" or pothi is also published by the mandal. The mandal is again a non-profit organisation and everything is available at a fair price. In addition photographs in various sizes, calenders depicting the major events of Balekundri, etc are also published.

These books are available at:-

  • At Balekundri Mandir, in a shop beside the temple.
  • In Belgaum, at the Pant mandir (Pant wada) at 3455, Samadevi lane, Belgaum.
  • In Mumbai, from Dr. D. R. Wanganekar, 41, Waghyachi Chawl no.5, Delisle Road, Mumbai 400 011.
  • By contacting Mr. Datta G. Zemse on (+91) 9422479634, also based at Mumbai.